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Welcome to our Speaking LITerally Podcast page. This Podcast was started during Covid in 2021. My co-host, Holly, a bookworm and friend from bookstagram messaged me asking me if I would be interested in hosting a Podcast with her about books. Of course I jumped at the chance and a month later Speaking LITerally was born.

Since then we have been growing the platform with author interviews, guest hosts, seasonal content and so much more!!

This page will be able to give you all the latest news on the podcast as well as links to our podcast. You can listen on any platform you listen to your podcasts on and I have included a few of these below.

Podcast links

Episode 1 – Getting to know us/ introductions episode

Episode 2- Beach Reads

Episode 3 – Author interview with CT Ortega

Episode 4 – Author Interview with Kate Allen

Episode 5 – Team series vs Team standalone

Episode 6- Halloween Special

Episode 7- author interview with Jessika Grewe Glover

Episode 8– 2021 round up – bookish style

Episode 9 – our own book awards from 2021’s reading

Episode 10 – Author interview with Amanda Prowse

Episode 11 – Classical Conversations about our favourite and not so favourite classics

Episode 12 – Fantastical Fantasies – we discuss all things fantasy

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You can also follow myself and my awesome co-host, Holly on Instagram.

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