Book review – Girl Erased by Gemma Donoghue

This is the first of, hopefully, many indie authors I am reviewing for my site. Girl Erased is the latest novel by Gemma Donoghue. So without further ado let’s have a bit of an overview:


Lily Johnson is always there. But no one sees her. Because she is invisible. Silent. Unnoticed.

Lily was kidnapped before she turned eight years old, by Paul, the monster who took her away from her family, her friends, her life. Lily was shattered. Broken into a thousand pieces. At seventeen she had learned how to be quiet, to obey, and endure the pain while she waited for the nightmare to be over. Paul is her whole world, he is her mother, father, her home and her prison. Paul has held her captive for ten years, but he always kills his victims when they turn eighteen. Paul has something terrifying in store for her, and Lily devises a bold escape plan that will take all of her strength, bravery and luck to work. What she does not realize, is just how unprepared she is to go into the world.

A dark, moving portrayal of a girl that has been through so much, and the journey she goes through for freedom.

I will be completely honest here, when I first started reading this, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. The first few chapters didn’t flow particularly well and it felt too rushed at the beginning.

But, after those first few chapters it really felt like the writer found her footing and the story developed into this wonderfully dark psychological thriller. It was full of suspense and kept you on the edge of your seat for the remainder of the book.

If I had to say one thing negative about the book it would be that it was too short, I would loved to have seen this changed into a full length novel as I feel the story had so much potential to be expanded upon.

This is a self published novel so there are a few more grammatical and spelling errors in it than usual but if you can see past this you will be pulled into this dark, sinister world where Lily has been trapped for the past 10 years by the manipulative, serial kidnapper, Paul.

For me, the scariest aspect of this book is that it isn’t far from reality. We hear about these stories of kidnapping all the time and this makes it so much more raw and hard hitting.

By the halfway point I was on the edge of my seat and hoping Lily was going to be ok, now that is a sign of a good book. As it was quite a short book I read it in one sitting and it was a thrilling, spine chilling ride.

If you are into your psychological thrillers I would recommend this, but one word of advice, push through the first few chapters, I promise you it gets so much better.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  – Slow start but brilliant and captivating for the majority of the story. Would definitely recommend it.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Much love 💜 

If you are interested in reading any of Gemma Donoghue’s books they are available on Amazon here.

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