Book Review – A Mistake Incomplete by Lorenzo Petruzziello

What do you do when your career has consisted of being an escort and a thief and then you wake up and realise you may be too old for it? This is the conundrum faced by Stef as one failed job makes him rethink his entire life.

First of all, the majority of this book is set in Italy, namely Milan and this is a big draw for me as it’s one of my favourite countries. Also, as a big foodie, the writer’s description of the food is both seductive and alluring. Warning- at times this book may make you hungry! The way Lorenzo describes risotto and the creation of it is beautiful.

But down to the story itself. I really enjoyed this book, as a suspense neo noir  this title ticked all the boxes. The scene setting was perfect and helped immerse you in the world. The main character, Stef was quirky and pretty funny at times. There was even a bit of romance thrown in through the addition of Beatrice, an ex escort turned bar maid he is reunited with years after their brief rendezvous. Beatrice is another great rounded  character who is sexy and strong but still has her weaknesses like all of us.

I liked how the timeline jumped to different places and times to give the reader a good back story to the characters. This was carried out through the use of location (Berlin, Paris, Rome etc) rather than using years and time which in my opinion worked really well.

The plot was a great series of twists and turns which kept you guessing to the end. The addition of other characters always ensured the reader was kept on their toes and certainly kept the brain ticking along to try and connect them altogether.

Overall, a great read which was full bodied and brimming with suspense, mystery and a few laughs.

Would highly recommend if you are into your neo-noir or mystery novels.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – funny, action packed and will keep you hanging on till the end.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Let me know in the comments below.

Much love 💘

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