Book Review – Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I read this book almost straight after the Shadow and Bone trilogy which I loved. So I was on a bit of a book high and so there was a lot riding on the next grishaverse book series, Six of Crows.

This book takes us to the seedy, dark, criminal underworld of Ketterdam. We meet the charming trickster, Kaz Brekker, the gambling addict, Jesper, the silent but deadly, Inej and many other characters as they face challenge after challenge to survive and to also earn their next big payout.

Before I read this, I wasn’t sure how they were going to beat Shadow and Bone trilogy, as the fantasy, magic element along with the setting was superbly done.

However, she did it again. By changing scenery to a more raw, dingy, criminal area the writer has changed the theme and genre without changing the world.

I loved this book!! I found the characters so well written  and the addition of their dark, dismal pasts make them more relatable and much more 3 dimensional. I actually preferred this book to Shadow and Bone trilogy which I didn’t think was the possible.

The whole book feels like the writer kicked it up a notch or two as the writing style has matured and become so much more substantial. Everything, from character development to scene setting feels so much more real and helped us as readers delve into this underworld of gambling, prostitution, smuggling and other criminal activities.

There several characters which stood out for me, in particular Kaz, due to his shocking, disturbing background and Inej, because she is strong, independent and deadly but still has her weaknesses.

In fact one of the highlights of this book is the writer showed us not only how tough,smart or scheming all these characters are but also their vulnerabilities which made them all the more realistic.

After this I couldn’t wait to jump into the next book and the review for that one is coming soon.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – definitely a 5 star, the story, characters, setting were superbly written to create this gritty, dark,criminal underworld.

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