Book Review – The One by Nerya McCabe

After what seemingly was a night of passion, with the gorgeous Jamie, Tilly aka Matilda feels that she may have found The One. However when he doesn’t call she thinks otherwise. That is until a chance encounter in the library she works at, when everything changes and love may well be back on the cards.

The One is your typical will-they-won’t-they novel but even so I really enjoyed it. The main characters were loveable and relatable. There were many times when I found myself shouting at Tilly for making poor decisions and other times when I was rooting for her. It was a loveable cute romance tale set in London with a few twists (some unpredictable) along the way.

This is a story about love, hope, determination and also fate. Its also about loss as we find out early on that Tilly lost her father not too long before this was set and so is still struggling at times with his death.

I especially loved that a large part of the story was set in a library, which of course, as a crazy bookworm is one of my favourite places.

One thing which was unique about this book is that the writer made it into not only a literary but a musical experience. She references several songs during the book which she encourages you to listen along to and I must admit it really adds to the story and atmosphere. So if you do read this I highly recommend playing the songs when they are referenced.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – sweet, funny, adorable romance story with all the feels.

Much love 💘

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