Book Review – The Editor’s Wife by Clare Chambers

This was another Netgalley read I was gifted in exchange for an honest review. My usual genres at the moment have been thrillers, romance or fantasy so I thought I would try something a bit different. So without further ado let’s have a bit of a blurb:


When aspiring novelist Christopher Flinders drops out of university to write his masterpiece (in between shifts as a fish delivery man and builder’s mate), his family is sceptical.

But when he is taken up by the London editor Owen Goddard and his charming wife Diana it seems success is just around the corner. Christopher’s life has so far been rather short of charm – growing up in an unlovely suburb, with unambitious parents and a semi-vagrant brother – and he is captivated by his generous and cultured mentors.

However, on the brink of realising his dream, Christopher makes a desperate misjudgment which results in disaster for all involved. Shattered, he withdraws from London and buries himself in rural Yorkshire, embracing a career and a private life marked by mediocrity.

Twenty years on, a young academic researching into Owen Goddard seeks him out, and Christopher is forced to exhume his past, setting him on a path to a life-changing discovery.

So, when I first read this blurb, it sounded like it might have elements of a thriller in it. I hadn’t read any of Clare Chambers’ work before, so it was something new. I really liked the character description and the flow to her writing. It painted a brilliant picture of the scenes, and the use of dialogue was executed really well. However, for me personally, it was too slow of a pace. An event would happen, and you think it might pick up from there, but the events are scarce and are over pretty rapidly. If you like your slow burn contemporary fiction you will enjoy it and I could appreciate the author’s style and language used but personally, it isn’t one I would have picked up and bought.

I very much enjoyed the setting and the contrast between the hecticness in London and then the slower pace of life out in the country in York. I also loved the description of the main character, Christopher’s new house, it sounded so picturesque and a perfect writer’s retreat. But I feel like the story was missing a bit more action and the main character needed a bit more depth. There were some characters such as his brother, Gerald who were brilliantly written and brought to life on paper. Gerald had so much life and personality, however Christopher was lacking in this. Nevertheless, there were some funny scenes which made me laugh as well as some events which may surprise you at times, but I felt that the plot was somewhat predictable from the outset, bar a few twists in the story which although were surprising were not explosive or jaw dropping.

If you are looking for a light, slow burn, easy read which is well written and almost prosaic at times you would enjoy this book. However, this book just wasn’t for me.

⭐⭐⭐ – Beautifully written but very much a slow burn novel with no proper crescendo

 The Editor’s Wife is out now!

Much love x

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