Book Review – The Family Lie by P L Kane

A scream cut through the night as they watched flames engulf the woodland. Fire ripped through the trees, leaving only charred branches behind. And then they saw it… on the ashen forest floor… was a body.

Police officer, Mitchel Prescott answered the phone with a shaking hand. It was the one call he had been dreading. It was the hospital at Green Acres… his father Thomas, had died in the night.

Returning to the small town he had been avoiding since he was a child, Mitch must lay his father to rest.

When he arrives, the close-knit residents refuse to speak about Thomas’ death, other to explain he was found burnt to death in the woods and his dementia was the likely cause.

But when Mitch discovers traces of accelerant on his father’s body, he’s certain it wasn’t an accident. Then his childhood home is broken into, his father’s study ransacked, and a rock thrown through the window warning him to leave.

Mitch is convinced Thomas had discovered something that had got him into trouble… something that would threaten his entire family.

But what secret is worth killing for?

Wow this book certainly starts with a bang, instantly sinking its proverbial claws into you and dragging you in.

The family lie is a story about family, loss and the damage that one big secret can cause. After a stressful few days, Mitch arrives in his hometown to deal with his deceased father’s affairs and prepare the house to sell. But as more details emerge about his father’s demise he can’t help but don his police hat and investigate the matter further. He has no idea what he is getting himself into, and just how deep this secret really runs.

The switch of chapters between Mitch and his sister, Bella gave us an idea of both characters who are vital to the story. It’s really intriguing to see the contrast of the two siblings and how both deal with emotion and stress. Their strained relationship is stretched to its limit upon their father’s death and we see both react in different ways.

I did feel that the pace was quite slow at times. The beginning chapters started with such exciting, surprising events that it was expected that this would continue. I will admit that at times it was difficult to read due to the pace and lack of action.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the story line and the twists in the story which were not all expected. I especially liked Bella and her personality, however I felt that Mitch was lacking in the same depth which Bella was given. The ending was dramatic and tensions rose in the last few chapters but I feel like the tension wasn’t there all the time in the main body of the story. But, I liked where the story went in the end, it was a twist which we haven’t seen as much in thrillers and was a refreshing change from the norm.

⭐⭐⭐ – a good, intriguing thriller. Not the most action packed or tension filled but still a unique story line and not one we have seen as much.

Are you into thrillers? Who are your favourite thriller writers? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love 💘

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