Book Review – Jewels of Egypt by C T Ortega

When I found out that another novel by CT Ortega was being published I jumped at the chance to review this in advance of the release date which is tomorrow.

This time we are transported to ancient Egypt where we meet Sati, a young queen and Ahm, a beautiful, wise girl from the streets who is spotted by Sati and assigned as her aide after she seese potential in her.

Once again we get the dual narrative of Sati and Ahm which I love. Dual narratives can bring so much more life and depth to a story if carried out right and this one certainly was. The characters story was told perfectly within both narratives and we get to see not only who they are now but also who they once were.

As the story progresses we see Ahm grow into a confident, young aide who helps Queen Sati with advice on important issues. At first, the setting gave off a very Prince and pauper vibe. But this story is so much more than a rags to riches story.

One aspect I especially loved about this novel was its setting. Being based in Egypt every aspect from the markets and the desert to the chariots and ancient gods creates a fantastical setting. The setting itself is brought to life and almost personified through the use of describing all the senses from the smells, the tastes and textures of Egypt to the whole view of this wonderful country.

Personally I instantly connected with Ahm. Her humility, wisdom and her strength made her a really powerful character, and as you find out more about her back story you not only empathise with her but really understand her more. Also, like me she loves her food, and I would definitely love to try the garlic bread they mention!

Like all the other novels of his, this was set in same universe, so the old gods, Osiris, Ra as well as Saggilmut was referenced regularly which I really like. I feel like we don’t get enough stories based on Egypt and the descriptions of the Palace and all the other areas were so vivid it brought the whole area to life in such vibrant colours.

The end was beautifully concluded, it brought all story lines together and it left you satisfied, as well as wanting to read more about these characters. I feel like I could have dived into this world for so much longer than we were given.

Overall this was a stunning read. From the characters to the setting this was executed superbly and I would highly recommend this book.

This book’s title sums it up perfectly, this is a gem of a book, the rich and colourful history and setting combined with the wonderfully crafted characters creates this world you want to get lost in for hours.

Obwrall, I must say this book is my favourite short read of C T Ortega’s so far and I can’t wait to read the second book in the Warfare of the Gods series.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – a brilliant read, full of emotion, action and stunning scenes

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