Book Review – Fools in Love

It may only be the 9th December but I am in full swing with Xmas reads, which means I am pretty far behind on reviews. So before I go onto the Xmas reviews I have one I recently read which was a Netgalley read from Perseus Books.

Fools in Love is an anthology of short stories based on all of your favourite romantic tropes. From enemies to lovers to love triangles there is something for everyone with a fresh, modern twist on each one.

Like all anthologies there were good ones and there were ones I didn’t particularly enjoy but overall it was a lovely variety of love stories. This was also a great diverse book as it included a lot of different genders, races and sexualities. It was really well balanced.

From paranormal, to Sci fi and superheroes the romance stories are told across a wide expanse of genres to mix up the themes. It is great to see the variety of authors and the quality of writing them have produced for this selection of short stories. These authors have been picked from a variety of backgrounds and countries so they are all unique settings and characters. You are sure to find your favourite trope and romance sub genre within this book.

If you are looking for a fun read that you can dip in and out of whenever you want then you should look this up if you are into your romance stories. My favourite one is about a woman who races wolves, I won’t say anymore but you will know it when you read it.

Fools in Love is out now!!

Much love 💘

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