Book Review – Asgard and the Hunt by CT Ortega (Book 3 of the Warfare of the Gods series)

For those that have been following me you will already know the name, CT Ortega as I have reviewed a lot of his books in the last year. I first discovered him through my wonderful co-host of Speaking LITerally Podcast, Holly who introduced me to him and who we then interviewed on the show. He is a veteran who since leaving the army has gone on to write a immense number of books already and he is nowhere near finished.

This is the 3rd book in the Warfare of the Gods series and the sequel to Sekhmet and The Curse which as you can see from my previous review I loved, so I was very excited to see what happened next in Saggilmut.

Asgard and The Hunt takes place directly after the events of the previous book, so we immediately start with a bit of action as we see the consequences of Sekhmet’s decisions and actions.


One thing I liked about this novel is that we got to see a broad array of gods in this one as well as several familiar faces such as Horus, Sjofn and Modi to name but a few.

In this novel we got to find out more about the gods and the way that Ortega wrote about them was really interesting as they were almost humanised. No longer were they these perfect, powerful gods. They had their own fears, doubts and even anxiety. I really liked how we got to see more than just their petty squabbles, but actually more of their feelings and thoughts which brought them to life that much more.

Following on from the great battles we had already witnessed we were also given an insight into the aftermath of the wars and the destruction and chaos some of the Gods caused by their decisions. I loved seeing how each god was affected in the aftermath as it added to the humanising of each of them and made them more relatable to the reader. Ortega really gave us an insight into the reality of war and portrayed it in a true and raw way which was an eye opening experience.

In battle, you should be brutal and unforgiving- war has very few rules that can relate to everyday life. A warrior and a farmer have very different natures. Once one has seen war, they can farm, but they will forever be a warrior in their mind.



In the last book we had the brutal, dark, intense scenes of Sheol which was brilliantly done. But this time we get a wider overview of Saggilmut as we travel all over from Asgard to Sheol and beyond. Ortega has always had a way with describing the scenes in such a way that they come to life in front of you and this novel did not disappoint in that respect. Once again we were witness to some gruesome and bloody scenes along the way which were raw and unfiltered to make you feel slightly uneasy. You felt the underlying fear and anger at these locations and the description of the chaos before us added to the tension of the chapter.

I believe one who is in sync with the world is a god, a creator of fate.



This is the middle book in the series so just like many other novels it is slower than the previous title. There is a lot of setting the scene for what is sure to be an eventful, action packed next book. However the slowness of the pace at times was very symbolic of the long journeys which the gods had to take to achieve their missions. As always the writing was superb with some beautiful quotes of which i had to share a few in this post.

But, if I could give you one bit of advice, push through the slower parts as the ending is epic and sets up really nicely for what is sure to be an exciting 4th book.

⭐⭐⭐💫 – a beautiful yet brutal tale which will shock and unnerve you at times but ultimately leads to a superb showdown which Ortega has become known for.

Asgard and the Hunt is out on 1st February.

Much love 💘

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