Book Review- Magic, Lies and Deadly Pies by Misha Popp

Anyone that knows me knows I love a good foodie fiction book so when I saw the title Magic, Lies and Deadly Pies on NetGalley, how could I say no?


Daisy Ellery’s pies have a secret ingredient: The magical ability to avenge women done wrong by men. But Daisy finds herself on the receiving end in Misha Popp’s cozy series debut, a sweet-as-buttercream treat for fans of Ellery Adams and Mary Maxwell.

The first time Daisy Ellery killed a man with a pie, it was an accident. Now, it’s her calling. Daisy bakes sweet vengeance into her pastries, which she and her dog Zoe deliver to the men who’ve done dirty deeds to the town’s women. But if she can’t solve the one crime that’s not of her own baking, she’ll be out of the pie pan and into the oven.

Parking her Pies Before Guys mobile bakery van outside the local diner, Daisy is informed by Frank, the crusty diner owner, that someone’s been prowling around the van—and not just to inhale the delectable aroma. Already on thin icing with Frank, she finds a letter on her door, threatening to reveal her unsavory secret sideline of pie a la murder.

Blackmail? But who whipped up this half-baked plot to cut a slice out of Daisy’s business? Purple-haired campus do-gooder Melly? Noel, the tender—if flaky—farm boy? Or one of the abusive men who prefer their pie without a deadly scoop of payback?

The upcoming statewide pie contest could be Daisy’s big chance to help wronged women everywhere…if she doesn’t meet a sticky end first. Because Daisy knows the blackmailer won’t stop until her business is in crumbles.

So this was an interesting book as it crossed multiple genres from murder mystery to romance. However, it was an interesting concept and not one I had read about before. It also made me want to bake a pie or two as each creation from the flaky, buttery pastry to the fresh, sumptuous filling made me salivate although perhaps not all Pies…

I must admit I didn’t like the main idea of vengeance in a pie at first and the whole “murder pie” idea as I don’t really like vigilantes (apart from superheroes when it’s clearly fantasy) so it was hard to connect with the main character as her values were not something I agree with.

However, this was still a fun read for the most part, I liked Frank, the owner of the diner. His work ethics combined with his family values is something which I connected deeply with.

This book is very much about the families we make and not the ones we are necessarily born into which I especially like reading about. The whole atmosphere at the diner is like one big family and their complete support for Daisy, someone who doesn’t have any blood family was so moving and beautiful.

I also liked Noel, the manager of a local family orchard who is trying to keep his family business running by coming up with new and exciting ways to bring in my visitors. His drive to succeed combined with his great ideas and friendly personality really brought the character alive.

However as the story progresses I found myself enjoying the story more and as the true background to the murder pie reveals itself you start to understand more about Daisy and her true motive in these Pies (hint-  its not all to do with murder)

One thing I loved about this book is the idea of baking magic into a pie. When we bake we all often do it with love, or nostalgia if it is a special dish baked by previous generations. But imagine if these feelings could truly be baked and sealed into your baked treats? I thought that was a wonderful idea!!

Overall I thought it was a cute read, yes it was unsure about the genre of book it was at times and some ideals I didn’t share but in general I had fun and definitely gave me an appetite. The pie recipes at the end is also a nice touch. For a debut novel I thought it was great and very creative and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

⭐⭐⭐💫 – a fun read with a cute storyline, however this will leave you hungry!!

Magic, Lies and Deadly Pies is out on 10th May 2022!!

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