Book Review – The War of Two Queens by Jennifer L Armentrout

This is a series I only discovered late 2021 but instantly became obsessed with. I finished a Crown of Gilded bones in February and so was very excited to start the next in the series which I did a buddy read of with my favourite American and cohost of Speaking LITerally podcast, Holly. I read the ebook version and she chose the audiobook.

The story continues where the 3rd book left off as we see Poppy take on one of her biggest adventures yet. To me, she has had one of the biggest character development arcs I have read in a fantasy novel. At the start of the series we see her as this oppressed, shielded maiden who is timid but also is desperate to feel a sliver of normalcy. As events unfold and she has to face many hurdles and death defying events, she matures, sheds her timid mask, figuratively and literally and in this book she becomes a complete force of nature, someone you definitely wouldn’t want to mess with.

The War of Two Queens is a book full of adventure, self discovery, salvation, passion, desperation and violence. If you think that Jennifer Armentrout peaked at the Crown of Gilded bones then think again, this is the sequel we wanted and needed.

This book is once again full of twists and turns at every corner and with many chapters ending in a cliffhanger it is an engaging and addicting read which was very difficult to put down. The fast paced action means there isn’t much time to breathe before something else happens or another discovery is unveiled. I especially enjoyed finding out more about Poppy’s background, the history of the realms as well as more information about certain characters which will shock and surprise you.

Each character continues to develop including the Gods and we keep finding out little facts about each individual which will shock, disturb, excite, entice or plain blow you away. The fact that 4 books in we are still seeing this extent of development is testament to the writer and proof of how talented she is in creating such a rounded, in depth, complex world and characters.

Although Kieran is still one of my favourite sidekicks I have to admit a new character entered the picture who is just as interesting, has a great sense of humour and has some brilliant interactions with other characters especially Kieran, and that is Reaver. He is such a fantastic character and reminds me of a chiseled Greek god with a serious chip on his shoulder at times.

If you have read any of the FBAA books you will know that as well as a lot of great fantasy world creation and adventures, it is also well known for its steamy scenes and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. In fact it almost has too much steam (I said almost) Needless to say this book may make you need a few cold showers!!

As you can probably tell I loved this book, it was everything we wanted and more. Many loose ends were tied up but at the same time more loose ends appeared and there are many story lines yet to be resolved and I cannot wait for the next book.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – action packed fantasy with plenty of steamy scenes and mindblowing revelations. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout

Have you read any of the FBAA? Who is your favourite characte? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love 💘

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