Book tour- The Trial of Lotta Rae by Siobhan MacGowan

It’s finally here!! Today the book blog tour for Siobhan MacGowan new book, The Trial of Lotta Rae stops at Lizzieslittlebooknook and I couldn’t be happier!!

Now usually I just post a review for all you peeps but as you may have seen I posted this a few days ago and that’s because I have a special surprise for you all…an extra special Q and A from the author Siobhan MacGowan exclusive to Lizzie’s Little Book Nook. So, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy…

Image credit: Anthony Hayes

Hi Siobhan, it’s a pleasure to have you at Lizzieslittlebooknook, so your debut novel, Trial Of lotta rae is out on 26th May. How did you come up with the idea?

It was a combination of things: fascination with history and particularly the period at the turn of the 20th century, the hope for that new century before the first world war. The areas of London that Lotta lives I once lived too. The Old Bailey and its Golden Lady I also gazed on as a child. And Lotta took shape and became very vivid in my mind. Once she was fully formed it was like I was following her on her journey.

It was certainly a fantastic read. And what got you into writing in the first place?

I just started writing naturally as a young child. Writing and drawing constantly. I always adored words. Very young, I’d listen to lyrics in songs on the radio and think about their meaning. I was never not moved by the beauty and power of language.

Which writers inspire you?

I have always been inspired and continue to be inspired by the Brontes. I love their love of language, their love of story, their sense of place.

This brings us on nicely to our next question, if you could collaborate with any writer living or dead who would it be?

For the reasons outlined above, it would be any one of the Brontes

Great choice, and Siobhan, what are you currently reading?

I’m reading ‘The Beauty of Impossible Things’ by Irish writer, Rachel Donohue.

What would you say is your go to genre of choice when it comes to reading?

It would be the genre I write in, historical fiction.

Ok, last few questions, if you have one piece of advice for any budding writers out there what would it be?

If you feel you were born to write, that it is the thing that drives you, compels you, then never give up. Just keep going. You will get there.

Fantastic piece of advice, and finally if you had to sum up Trial Of Lotta Rae in 3 words, what would they be?

A haunting, tragic saga

Thank you so much to Siobhan and Welbeck Publishing for allowing me the honour of hosting today’s stop on the blog tour.

Trial of Lotta Rae is out on 26th May, so make sure you pick up a copy. If you are still on the fence make sure you check out my book review of it!!

Much love 💘

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