New Podcast Episode- Speaking LITerally podcast- 1 Year Anniversary!!

Yes that’s right, Speaking LITerally has turned one and we had such a blast recording this one (we do every time but this one was especially great)

Our special anniversary podcast episode is now live on any platform you listen to podcasts on. Listen to me and my best American buddy, @azdesert_bookworm spend an hour and a half Speaking about bookish news, books we have come to love from the podcast, things we have learnt and some sneak peeks at what you can expect in the future!!

I also just wanted to say on behalf of both myself and my awesome co-host thank you for all the support and love we have gotten from the show, and here is to many more years.

We also have a very special announcement about an event we have coming up which we will be announcing in the coming days so stay tuned!!

The pictured books are actually a happy coincidence as I wanted to show the book I was reading during our first show and the book we discussed on this one and it just so happened to be the same duology!!

As always,

Much love šŸ’˜

Listen to the podcast here.

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