Book Review – Summer at Primrose Tower by Annie Robertson

This book was gifted to me by Welbeck Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I read the author’s previous novel, Christmas at Lobster Bay so I was very excited to jump into this one.

The main protagonist of this story is Jennie, a passionate florist who has just been offered an apprenticeship of a lifetime, to work alongside a renowned florist in London who is the go-to florist for the wealthy and celebrities alike. However, things don’t quite go to plan and after being fired she ends up moving into Primrose Tower with Kat, one of her clients whom she has become close friends with. She wants to start up her own business as a florist, but can her dream really become a reality?

I love a good summery, rom com read and during the heat wave we had last week it was the perfect excuse to sit outside with a cold drink and read this.

Jennie originally hails from a small village in Gloucestershire, so we get a nice contrast in settings throughout between that and London. We see her try to adapt to a busy, thriving city where nobody knows or particularly cares who you are. Unlike her hometown where everyone knows your business.

However, the place where this novel shone were its characters. We had such a diverse array of characters from all different walks of life, from Kat, who’s love life is teetering due to a jealous girlfriend, to a Syrian refugee, who has recently moved to the tower and is heavily pregnant and has no friends and limited grasp of English suddenly makes an appearance. Each character has their own quirks and everyone in Primrose Tower you grow very rapidly to love. Another aspect of this book I love is the sense of community, these residents of the tower block quickly offer to help if one of them is struggling, whether financially, emotionally or otherwise. There is always someone on hand to provide support and this is a significant part of Jennie’s survival in the big smoke.

Finally, as this book is primarily about Jennie, a florist we are treated to descriptions and scents of flowers which is a delight and really riles up the imagination, also makes you want to go out and buy a bunch or two for yourself. The description of each flora and greenery was so vivid it was like you were stood in the middle of a flower market with Jennie, enjoying the sights and smells of all these wonderful plants.

Of course, this is your typical rom-com book, but it was a beautiful, at times heart wrenching read which makes you feel all warm inside and keeps you smiling until the end.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – a wonderful, summery read, grab a cold drink and sit in the garden to truly enjoy this fun rom-com.

Much love 💘

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