Book Review – Going Green by Nick Spalding

Have you ever felt like you have had to go above and beyond to show your worth in a company? Have you ever been so concerned you may lose your job that you will do anything to keep it? This is exactly what Ellie Cooke felt and boy did she go above and beyond to ensure her position in the firm.

This was a great read. It was filled with laughter, love and some important issues such as climate change and being more eco-friendly.

This was the first Nick Spalding novel I had read and I have a confession to make. I had never heard of Nick before this. However I am definitely going to be reading more of his titles soon (so soon, I am actually reading Checking Out as we speak)

One of my favorite aspects of this book was the narrative. He wrote in first person which  can be difficult to do but was pulled off perfectly. Not only this but he had the character directly talking to the reader as if Ellie was taking to a friend about her life. Not only did this make you like her more but she became a lot more relatable as well as making you feel like you are a bigger part of the action.

This particular narrative style worked really well in this novel, particularly as the underlying topics of the environment are so important. The way Ellie spoke to the reader made sure we were aware of what was going on as well as raising our awareness of being more green.

It was the perfect mixture of seriousness and comedy and the ending was superb!!

I would highly recommend this if you need a feel good read during these tough times, it certainly brightened my day!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great story, characters and plot. The perfect combo for a rom com with an important message underlying the entirety.

Be sure to check this out when it is released on 8th December. Thank you to Net Galley for this arc.

Much love 💘

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