Book Review – Curse Bound by Imogene Nix

This is another book gifted to me by givemethedeets and Imogene Nix in return for an honest review.

If you have been reading my previous reviews or posts on Instagram you will see I am a big fan of Imogene’s Blood Secrets trilogy and so I jumped at the chance to review this one.

This time we are following Tabitha, a female who recently lost her father and returns to her family home to try and solve a family mystery and release two lost ancestors from purgatory. When tall, dark and handsome, Christian arrives it complicates matters but also helps her on her quest.

I must admit I really enjoyed the concept of this. Imogene has a great way of storytelling and it shone through once again in this novel.

The characters were not as intriguing as Blood Secrets but Imogene kept you hooked nonetheless to find out what happens next.

I loved how the writer used a variety of reality and dreams to tell the story as it made it a more rounded tale and really brought the characters to life.

However, I felt the romance side of the story was too rushed and the tension was not built up as well as in her previous titles. Nevertheless if you are into your steamy scenes there are a few to indulge yourself in here.

⭐⭐⭐ – great storytelling, the romance was a bit lacking in my opinion but recommended if you like your paranormal romance stories.

Have you read this book? Are you into your paranormal romance stories? Let me know in the comment below

This book is out today so if you are interested, go to amazon now and buy it!!

Much love 💘

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