Book Review – Liberate Me by Joshua Hall

This is a book I was sent a while ago in exchange for an honest review and I finally got round to reading it recently.


The first instalment of the Liberate Me series. Follow the very different characters of Isaac, Colton, and Carl, who all live in the same broken piece of the world—but do not have to learn how to live with each other.


I will admit the beginning of the story didn’t grab me straight away. I felt it was slightly stunted in my eyes, like it took the writer a little bit of time to really get into the flow of the writing. But my advice is stick with it, because it gets a lot better. The writing flows a lot smoother, the narratives are brought to life and the action is exciting and immersive.

This book is told in 3 narratives, Carl, Colton and Isaac. Each from a different background but the one thing they all have in common is they are all trying to survive in this torn up world.

I really enjoyed the way the writer connected all the narratives and it has a slight “Gunslinger” (Stephen King) feel to it with its  supernatural twist. I also felt that Colton was the Gunslinger in this situation (you will have to read it to truly understand why)

I really enjoyed the postapocalyptic landscape he painted whilst also keeping some normality. It was almost like the slow progression into a post apocalyptic world. People are still living their lives, going to work, seeing friends but there is always that looming threat.

However, slight warning, this is not a book for the weak hearted. The action packed fight scenes are often intense and brutal and leave nothing to the imagination, which I found actually quite appealing, as I am not one to close my eyes at violent scenes in films. The raw brutality I feel made it that much more gritty and realistic, it brought to life the characters anger, their fears but more importantly their drive and desperation to survive all this.

It is particularly fascinating to hear how each character has been affected by the events which unfurled before the book began and how they each choose to live to survive. It is emotional and heartfelt at times and at others it is bloody and brutal and shocking. I found it an exciting ride and I look forward to seeing where he takes the series next.

If you are interested you can check out his Instagram (@josh_hall_author) which links to sites where you can buy his novel.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – a very enjoyable read as long as you aren’t put off by raw, violent scenes

Much love 💘

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