Book Review – Heartcross Castle by Christie Barlow

You may have previously seen my review for Christie Barlow’s previous title in this series, The Lakehouse. When I saw she had another one due to come out I rushed straight to Netgalley to request, and was very happy to be accepted.

We are back with Bonnie, Felicity, Flynn and co and this time we have a new few faces…for them it is one from the past.

Grace Power grew up in the town but after running away from it and her grandad at aged 16 she has never returned. However, upon her grandfather’s passing and the news that he has left Heartcross Castle to her she returns to her past to face all her old friends. But this time with three little boys in tow. Her sons. She find the castle has become delapidated since she last saw it and with no income she has no idea how she could afford to keep it. Then there is celebrity chef, Andrew Glossop who lives on the estate in the servants quarters and has his eye on the castle.

There is something so cosy and heartwarming about returning to the Love Lane Series. All the characters are a delight to read about and the small town sounds idyllic combined with the rolling countryside and local beach. Definitely somewhere I would choose to live.

Grace Power, is a really nice addition to the town. Her determination to raise her children properly and escape her previous life which left one of her children unable unable speak shows us how strong she is as well as how much she loves her sons. She would do anything for these boys and is making it her mission that they have a loving stable home finally, even if it means scrimping to make ends meet.

As the story progresses we get to truly see who Grace is away from her awful ex. As she travels to Heartcross we get to find out more about her past as well as see what her friendships are like through her childhood best friends Felicity, Allie and Isla.

I especially love the contrast of Grace and Andrew. You have the down to earth, single mother of 3 trying to make ends meet and ensuring every penny is accounted for. Then you have the famous, highly confident chef, Andrew Glossop who often has large parties with champagne, fancy food and no expense spared. These are a great representation of two complete opposite ends of the spectrum and how they can both help each other become better, more rounded people.

One of my favourite characters had to be Hector, the gardener at Heartcross Castle. The more I learnt about him, the more I loved him. His commitment and dedication to the Power family is so sweet and his love for his best friend’s grandsons is so emotional and beautiful. Hector is the sort of person who you would love to know in real life, with a heart of gold and not a bad bone in his body he becomes a pillar of the castle.

This was a beautifully written, heartfelt story from start to finish and I loved every minute of it. I’m definitely going to read the books I missed in the series in 2022.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – if you need a heart warming fun read with great characters you need to pick up this book.

Heartcross Castle is out tomorrow (31st December) so make sure you add it to your 2022 tbr now!!

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