Book Review- Elladur the Awakening by Angie Delazi

I was gifted a copy of this by Love Book Tours and Angie Delazie in advance of the book tour for the second book, elladur the Elder’s Legacy which is coming to on 7th March.

I love a good fantasy novel and this one really caught my eye. So let’s start off with a bit of a….


Magic – a legacy of the ancient era, created by genetic manipulation. For as long as Liya can remember, her magic has been a curse. Something to hide, something to despise. As king’s spy, she ventures out to uncover more about the political marriage of the hostile kingdom. Her nerves intensify when she realizes that her former lover, Haydn, is to be the future king of Dar’Angaar. With a war between the kingdom hanging in the balance, she and her best friend Ewan discover an ancient scroll from the long-lost kingdom of Elladur. It reveals a mysterious portal to another world, where eternal darkness and a king await his revenge.

Yet, at such a risk, who would do such a thing? The answer might be closer than she realizes.

The novel got stuck right into the story from the start and we are soon introduced to the main character, Liya and her best friend, Ewan, a soldier. She is your typical young female protagonist who lost her parents when she was young and had to fight to survive, earning herself a place as a trade representative for the crown. Her stealthiness also makes her a great spy and she is often sent on dangerous missions to seek out knowledge for her boss. But then the King announces he has come to an arrangement with the enemy to marry off his daughter to the next in line to the enemy throne. Nobody knows why or what his motives are but Liya instantly agrees to sneak into enemy territory to find out what their plans are.

Liya’s journey is not only dangerous but is also one of self discovery as she starts to find out exactly who she is, a secret which was buried since her birth. Her bravery and strength becomes more apparent as the novel progresses, and the obstacles and events she has to overcome truly shows her true colours.

Some of my favourite characters in this novel were actually some of the more minor ones, namely Haydn’s guards, Maverick, Folnar and Aval. These characters just bring a bit of comedic relief to many serious events and add a bit more fun factor. Their cheekiness combined with their own bravery makes them some really interesting characters, and it was always a joy when they were in the scene.

The description of the locations was superb and the contrast between the lands really gave the reader a strong overview of the world. The way the world and scenes were set brings it fully to life and helps you become more immersed in the action and within the world itself.

This is the first book in the trilogy and it set the scene really well for the next book not to mention an intense cliffhanger. The book had elements of so many other great fantasy series, from the badass woman character, reminiscent of fantasy series such as FBAA and Serpent and Dove, to epic world building, which reminded me of Brandon Sanderson’s Way of the Kings. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the trilogy to see where this goes.

Watch this space for my book tour stop of the next book on Monday!!

Much love 💘

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